What CMS for ecommerce?

What CMS for ecommerce?

A system that efficiently executes all purchasing processes is a major factor in e-commerce success. A properly designed online store has a huge impact on both site traffic and sales.

During implementation, we customize the e-commerce system according to your needs. Such online stores are intuitive and easy to use, which means increased sales.

This allows us to create online stores tailored to the needs of small manufacturers, as well as distributors or wholesalers offering products online.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply put, CMS is a system that, thanks to a built-in administration panel, allows you to manage the site without specialist programming knowledge.

What CMS should you choose?

There are a lot of applications of this type, but in this post we will only cover the most popular ones for online stores.

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According to a survey conducted in 2019, PrestaShop engine is used by more than 50% of ecommerce in Poland. Presta is an open source software, which means anyone interested has access to the source code. This is an advantage and disadvantage in one. The main features of the script is the ease of use and a very extensive warehouse system. PrestaShop is ideal for large stores with an extensive warehouse system and a multitude of assortment. The biggest disadvantage of this solution are plugins, for which in most cases you have to pay.


At the beginning I have to make a correction. Woocommerce is not a CMS, but a very powerful plugin for WordPress (which is already a CMS). The plugin is characterized by a very simple operation and a multitude of free templates, which makes the entry threshold very low. Unfortunately plugin can’t handle very complex wholesale stores.


Finally, it’s a real molooch. Magento in terms of its functionality and scalability beats the above two solutions on its head. The system is the least popular because of the knowledge you need to gain in order to fully use the potential of this script. It takes time to learn how to use Magento correctly.

How about a dedicated solution?

In my opinion, a dedicated solution is the best choice. Why? Because it is perfectly prepared for your needs. Our developers will prepare an ideal solution tailored to your industry specifications and financial capabilities. Unlimited scalability and optimization is the main advantage of dedicated solutions.

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BlackCore Team:

  • – propose a solution that will effectively increase sales, 
  • – creates an outstanding online store, which will catch the eye of potential customers, 
  • – guarantees a reliable sales platform, with intuitive operation,
  • – provides a multitude of integrations, 
  • – will position your store, 
  • – ensures full responsiveness,

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