10 Simple Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging

22 December 2020

  1. Carefully choose your content for the landing page

As long as it is a natural need to put as much information about our product as possible, we have to limit ourselves. An average Internet user will look at the initial content of your website for only a few seconds. Don’t miss that, use short, powerful content and clear images and skip the details for some other place. Otherwise, your potential client will pass by your page and quickly forget that he’s ever been there. 

  1. Keep it Simple

Less is more. Not only the text and graphical content should be concise. Think also about the design in general. Visitors usually don’t like visual complexity. Stick to standard layouts, try not to confuse the user with some additional side information in order to ensure that the user won’t lose track of the main goal.

  1. Think about its Speed

It goes without saying that the speed of your page is crucial. Nobody likes observing the spinning circle saying that the page is being loaded, and every second makes the user less satisfied. One of the most common areas for improvement in regard to site speed is oversized images and simple compression might increase front-end speed considerably with no visible difference to the human eye.

  1. Carefully choose images

An icon? A GIF? A Background image? Or maybe a human picture? As humans we are visuals, and we love looking at pictures, however not every image will carry the message you want to send to your clients. Each will add or subtract different values to your page, based on how well it matches the current use case. And let’s not forget about the size of it!

  1. Use proper colors

Think about the overall message you want to send. Maybe your company or product name features some color? The color theme in the website affects the perception of your user a lot. E.g. if you own a gym, it may be beneficial to use some bright colors to add some energy to the website. But don’t overdose it – balance is the key.

  1. Spacing is good!

Whitespace is an essential design element that helps you to increase readability and prioritize the contents of the page. It also plays an important role in the design process and positioning website design elements. It is deeply connected with choosing the right content for the page, so if you see that some of your pages lack white space, try to strip it from unnecessary elements.

  1. Make sure to link with social media

You must have noticed that there is a lot of traffic in the social media. It is often much easier to reach new clients via these channels than by a classic page because of all the suggestion algorithms. If you still haven’t done it, create professional profiles there and make sure to give a link to them an your website as well as the other way around.

  1. Add a contact form

How many times have you been looking for some help or contact information on a website and you could not find it? Make sure your webpage gives clear access to your contact information, you don’t want to lose your client with such a simple mistake. What’s more, you never know what opportunities may come to you.

  1. Be mobile-friendly

Don’t forget about making your page accessible to mobile users. Most of us own a smartphone, and nowadays we use them as much as computers. We do shopping now whilecommuting by bus, think about the comfort of these possible customers as well! 

  1. Get found

If you want to be well known you need to develop a substantial online presence. Social media is one thing, other is a website that can get found. Consider search terms your customer or audience may  search for. Create content that’s relevant to the needs of your visitors. To be visible among thousands of other websites, think about some videos, blog articles, they may make the difference.

This is how we approach web design in Black Core. Choose us and you won’t be disappointed 😀