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Learn how we created a convenient panel for a merchandising company that takes e-commerce logistics management to the next level.

Whenever a company grows, executives are faced with a challenge - how to streamline the company's systems to adapt to the new reality - the reality of shipping more products more often. But most people forget that streamlining the logistics chain can be done without generating additional costs every month.


As a software company experienced in logistics software development, we know all too well how difficult it is to manage many different applications within a single company. The manual approach is time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to consolidate data - generally an annoyance. For this reason, we recommended two trusted solutions to our client. The first for cost optimization - Shippo, the second for email personalization - Sendgrid.

A tailored tracking tool would not only enable multiple delivery operations in one place, but would also be open to further extensions. This is where TrackingMore comes in. Integration with this tool makes it easy to add full support for new carriers. In turn, the time spent searching and printing labels is kept to a minimum - regardless of the courier company.

Our objectives and challenges

Build a scalable tracking tool that is easy to expand.

Development of the entire application according to the client's deadline.

Increase business process efficiency through data collection.

Project introduction

Our client contacted us to develop a flexible solution to simplify his daily logistics tasks. He wanted to use what he already had and integrate it with additional systems we recommended. This would help his business:

  • become easier to manage
  • relieve unnecessary employee stress by improving communication with suppliers
  • make sure shipments sent to its customers reach their destination

Ultimately, it would allow him to have a structured routine for the entire company and take advantage of modern automation in the supply chain.

A customer places an order for a custom set of products from the customer's e-commerce database.

The order data is sent to various shipping and CRM services.

The best and most economical shipping option is selected for the order.

The selection is based on location, package size and available options.

The tracking application receives order information from APIs that can be accessed through the dashboard.

With TrackingMore integration, labels and alerts are collected in the app even for very unpopular carriers.

A few words about our client.

We worked for an American merchandising company. Their core principle is a strong focus on promotion and brand recognition. They provide branded products with custom logos and printed details on them. Customers can order anything from accessories such as calendars, clocks, toys, desk items to food and beverages. The product is manufactured to order and shipped within a few days. You can order as both a retail and wholesale customer.

Our work in numbers

WORKING PERIOD: 10.2020 - 12.2020




What happens after an order is placed? Application flow.

Technologies applied

Web application



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