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Cranes Guide is designed to enable you to precisely select the right hydraulic crane for the requirements of your specific task. The application provides complete user comfort while maintaining quality standards. With Cranes Guide, you retain full control of your project and save time by having constant access to up-to-date information on available crane types.

Every day, millions of people manage a variety of projects ranging from industrial to construction that require the right hydraulic cranes. Depending on the necessary parameters and the right space conditions, the right type of crane can be selected. It is important that the hydraulic crane is selected based on the specific requirements of the project to fulfill its task effectively and efficiently.


Selecting a crane that is best suited to a particular task is a fundamental activity that should be performed by the person responsible for planning and monitoring the current status of the work performed with a hydraulic crane. However, this fundamental task always requires a responsible person who is able to devote their time and attention to it. Why not streamline and shorten this process? The only thing that is necessary is the right tool. And that's exactly what Black Core provides.



Cranes Guide is a unique global solution in response to customer needs. Black Core - specializing in the design and development of professional software for industry. Their domain is the production of high quality software that is based on agile management mechanisms and the SaaS model. As a result, the produced application is intuitive, saves time and offers the user an effective tool available in a user-friendly form. An important feature of Cranes Guide is the low time required to achieve the desired results. Within seconds, the user not only finds the best crane type for the application in question, but also does not have to perform time-consuming calculations and analyses. In addition, the system requires only a minimum of time to learn it in order to use all its capabilities. To be more precise, only three basic parameters need to be entered into the system - payload, reach and height. The rest is done automatically, the analysis is provided by an appropriately selected crane, reducing time. In addition, it increases the productivity of employees who have at their disposal an intuitive tool thanks to which their work is streamlined and its result fully satisfactory. Besides, the application eliminates the probability of calculation and evaluation errors. In order to facilitate work, the application is available in 10 languages and has an option to change it.

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Cranes Guide is a tool developed by professionals - it can be used by inexperienced people as well as by specialists from all over the world. The solution considerably helps and facilitates the work of the person responsible or involved in the preparation of working crane equipment. In addition, the application can reduce the work of people who occasionally need to select the right type of crane. More often than not, they simply do not have the tools or materials necessary to perform such a task. As such, Cranes Guide is the ideal solution for anyone in the world who is responsible for planning crane work at least once.

It is important to note that hydraulic cranes are widely used by companies around the world. Most likely, one of the first things that comes to mind when considering cranes is construction sites. However, they are actually considered to be particularly useful pieces of equipment that can be used in virtually any industrial sector anywhere in the world. It is worth noting that there are only five leading crane manufacturers in the world, so the same type of crane can be found on different continents. This means that potential users of the app are located in any part of the globe, which means that it should be adaptable to the changing needs of different people. Cranes Guide is therefore designed to meet the needs of users around the world, thanks to its efficiency and versatility, which remain the core features of the app. Cranes Guide is universal and can be used by users from all over the world. This is made possible by using standardized parameters for all types of cranes. Thus, the same cranes and applications can be used worldwide. This opens up the possibility for companies in different countries to use the freely available Cranes Guide.


Cranes Guide has been dynamically tested by many people involved in hydraulic cranes, and has proven to be helpful, properly executed and fully usable. The app has been released on three platforms (web version, iOS, Android) to maximize accessibility and application.

Cranes Guide version 1.0 is now available. The version only contains data for cranes manufactured in 2019 by Liebherr Group, the world's largest crane company. The released version is completely free and does not contain annoying advertising banners. Using the application is child's play. After entering three basic parameters, the user is able to find out what type of crane is necessary for their project. Cranes Guide makes planning easier and reduces the time spent on this activity every day.

The pursuit of


The next version of the app will include several important features. These new features will expand the capabilities of the application while maintaining intuitiveness and ease of use. A key tenet of Cranes Guide is the ease and speed of asking questions and receiving answers that accurately determine what type of crane can do the job. An important feature introduced in the new version will be the ability to take into account obstacles appearing between hooks and cranes. Moreover, the tool will be enhanced with an additional option, thanks to which preparations will also take into account the tight space around the crane. This option would not only significantly reduce the risk in the working environment, but also make planning easier. Additionally, the next version of the application will be enhanced with a feature to optimize transportation costs. Users will be able to specify a maximum load that they can use to optimize transportation costs. Additionally, the new version of the application allows users to search for cranes by brand and year from which the database collects parameters. Furthermore, Cranes Guide version 2.0 will include other leading crane manufacturers, namely Tadano Faun, Terex, Demag and Grove. Therefore, unlike the previous version, the updated application will be a paid version offering additional features.

Black Core predicts more than a million available configurations that the application will recognize in one second. The authors of this application indicate that all this should give users a high level of satisfaction.

Further improvements are the only way to develop better and more efficient solutions that will succeed in the global market. That's why Black Core is thinking about the future of its application. Extending the Cranes Guide application would significantly improve its existing operational qualities. The expansion of Cranes Guide's capabilities would be achieved by adding crawler cranes to the offering.

In this way, Cranes Guide would become a compendium of information freely available to all users worldwide.

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