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Cranes Guide

Cranes Guide is designed to enable precise selection of an appropriate hydraulic crane adjusted to the specific needs of each single task. This application ensures full comfort of use while meeting the required quality standards.

With Cranes Guide each user can keep full control over their projects and save time, still having easy access to the right information about available types of cranes.Every day, millions of people run various industrial or construction projects, which require the use of hydraulic cranes. Depending on the necessary parameters and specific spatial conditions, an appropriate crane type can be selected. It is important that each hydraulic crane must be chosen carefully based on the demands of a specific project in order to perform any task effectively and efficiently.The selection of a crane, which is the most suitable for a given task, is the primary activity of a person responsible for planning and observing the actual status of works carried out using hydraulic cranes. However, this basic activity always requires a responsible person to dedicate their time and attention. Why not streamline and shorten this process? The only thing needed here is an appropriate tool. And that is what Black Core provides.

Cranes Guide is a unique solution on the global market designed to respond best to consumers’ needs. Black Core — specialized in designing and development of professional software for industry. Their domain is therefore the production of high quality software solutions that operate through such mechanisms as the Agile Method and SaaS Model — introduces an intuitive application that saves time by giving users a powerful tool available in a user-friendly form. An important advantage of Cranes Guide is a relatively short time necessary to obtain the desired results. Within a few seconds, users not only find out what would be the best crane type in a particular instance, but also there is no longer the obligation to perform time-consuming calculations or analyses. Furthermore, the system demands a little of teaching time to fully benefit from the possibilities it provides. To be precise, users must enter only three basic parameters into the system — load, radius and height. The rest is automatically calculated. Then a generated outcome is instantly transmitted and displayed on the screen of a particular user.

Cranes Guide determines the suitable type of crane and, at the same time, reduces the task execution time. Furthermore, it also improves work efficiency of employees who have at their disposal an intuitive tool with the aid of which work should proceed quickly and smoothly while achieving results that fully satisfy users’ needs. Additionally, the app eliminates the likelihood of calculation or evaluation errors.

In order to facilitate work, the app is available in 10 languages, with the option to switch from one language to another.Cranes Guide — the tool developed by professionals — may be used by both amateurs and professionals across the globe. This solution helps considerably and facilitates work of persons responsible for or involved in the preparation of crane equipment works. In addition, the app may significantly reduce the work of those who must select an appropriate type of crane on an occasional basis. Most frequently, they just do not possess tools or materials that are necessary for a given task. Consequently, Cranes Guide is the ideal solution for everyone in the world, who — at least once — is responsible for crane work scheduling.It should be noted that hydraulic cranes are widely used by companies all over the world. Most probably, one of the first things that come to mind when considering cranes is a building site. However, in principle, they are considered to be particularly useful equipment that may be utilized in practically every sector of the industry, anywhere in the world.

It is worth stressing that there are only five leading crane manufacturers worldwide, and therefore the same type of crane can be found on different continents. As a result, potential users of this app are located in any part of the globe, which means that the application should be adjusted to changing demand of various persons. Cranes Guide is hence designed to meet the needs of global users due to its effectiveness and versatility which still remains a key feature of this app.Cranes Guide is universal and can be used by users from all over the world. This is possible by applying standardised parameters to all types of cranes. Owing to this, the same cranes and applications can be used worldwide. This opens up the possibility to utilize widely available Cranes Guide by companies from various countries.

Cranes Guide has been intensively tested by lots of people dealing with hydraulic cranes, as well as has proved to be helpful, sufficiently well-made and fully serviceable. The app has been released on three platforms (Web Version, iOS, Android) in order to maximise availability and adoption.The Cranes Guide version 1.0 is already available. The version contains only data of cranes produced in 2019 by Liebherr Group, the world’s largest crane company. The released version is completely free and has no annoying banner ads. Use of the application is child’s play. After typing three basic parameters, a user is able to find out what type of crane is required. Cranes Guide facilitates planning and reduces the time spent on this activity each day.The next version of the app will include a few significant features. These new functions will broaden the possibilities of the application, while preserving intuition and ease of use.

The key assumption of Cranes Guide is ease and speed of asking questions and receiving responses that precise which type of crane can perform a particular lifting. A major feature introduced in a new version will be the possibility of taking into account obstacles appearing between hooks and cranes. Furthermore, the tool will be expanded with a an additional option thanks to which preparations will consider a confined space around a crane, as well. This option would not only significantly reduce risks in the working environment, but also facilitate planning. In addition, the next version of the app will be improved by the function serving to optimise the transport costs. User will be able to determine the maximal load that can be used for the optimisation of the transport costs. Additionally, a new version of the app will enable users to search for cranes by brands and a year from which database collects parameters. Moreover, Cranes Guide ver. 2.0 will contain other leading crane manufacturers, i.e. Tadano Faun, Terex, Demag and Grove. Therefore, unlike the previous version, the updated app will be a fee-based version, offering additional functionality.Black Core envisages over one million of available configurations, which will be ascertainable by the app in one second. The authors of this application indicate that all this should give users a broad level of satisfaction.Further improvements are the only way to develop better and more efficient solutions which will be successful on the world market. Thus, Black Core is thinking about the future of their application. The extension of the Cranes Guide app would significantly increase its existing operational qualities. An extension of Cranes Guide capabilities would be accomplished by adding caterpillar cranes and caterpillar cranes to the offer.In this way, Cranes Guide would become a compendium of information freely available to all users worldwide.
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