System Integrations

What is Information Systems Integration? You are creating a new online store and you want the store to display current inventory made available by an external system or you want the inquiries from the website to go directly to the salespeople in the CRM system, these are the simplest examples that require integration. Integration of IT systems software house.

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Integrating an online store with external systems for cashiering, accounting and inventory management is probably the most common "must have" for online stores, but the possibilities are much greater...

Two-way integration of the CRM system with the website, ERP, MES, accounting software, external databases.

The range of benefits increases depending on the number of systems included in the integration, specificity of the company's functioning, business environment, etc. This is in almost every case a highly individual matter and can be estimated only after a deeper analysis, but there are several basic benefits that almost always occur, here are some of them.

Automatic transfer and processing of data between systems will allow more effective use of the potential inherent in the teams performing particular jobs.

The company's employees are able to use their work time more efficiently due to a more efficient flow of information within the company.

The integration of IT systems, you have greater control and more complete information about the current stages in which the various project works are.

Quick access to key information, people managing the company have a fuller picture of the situation and can make even more accurate business decisions - this is what our software house will provide.

The multitude of software and hardware solutions used in enterprises can be overwhelming. Each piece of infrastructure has a different interface, different functionalities, requires different competences, and thus multiplies the costs of maintenance and reporting. With in-depth knowledge of infrastructure solutions and unlimited imagination, we redefine system integration, bringing it to an unprecedented level of collaboration and synergy. With us you will extend the functionality of your equipment, unify management or automate many tedious and laborious manual tasks.

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