A system that efficiently executes all purchasing processes is a major factor in e-commerce success.

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During implementation, we customize the e-commerce system according to your needs. Such online stores are intuitive and easy to use, which means increased sales. This allows us to create online stores tailored to the needs of small manufacturers, as well as distributors or wholesalers offering products online.

We successfully increase the number of customers and the value of their purchases. The most important function of an online store is to generate sales. Only a portion of the users who visit your online store will make a purchase. We have one goal - to generate an increase in customer sales.Możesz nie tylko udostępniać wiele kodu React Native pomiędzy różnymi aplikacjami mobilnymi, ale możesz także ponownie wykorzystać część kodu i komponentów z Twojej aplikacji internetowej React.

Together with our clients we create simple to use but functional online stores.

As Black Core, we design platforms tailored to your needs. Their design allows for easy development of functionality, and their capabilities are guaranteed to match the growing requirements of your business.

Administration panel is easy to use. Efficient management of the system affects the speed and effectiveness of tasks.

Each implementation is tailored to customer needs and requirements. Modular design also allows to create new functionalities - according to specific order.

The platform supports the creation of responsive stores, making it easier to adapt them to mobile devices.

One way to increase the functionality of an online store is to integrate it with services or applications offered by external providers, but also with IT systems and applications that are used in the company.

Depending on the needs of the vendor and the expectations of buyers, for example, such integration automates certain activities, saves time and reduces business costs. It also contributes to better customer service and improvements


Open source web store software released under the Open Software License.


An e-commerce open source plugin for WordPress.

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