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IT is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. New technologies are effectively and extremely quickly moving everyday life to the Internet. Currently, almost every business has its own website, e-commerce platform or web application. Therefore, more and more companies rely on having their own department or IT support. The situation is slightly different for startups, which often have an interesting idea, but do not have employees specializing in programming. A great solution, increasingly appreciated by entrepreneurs around the world, is renting programmers by the hour, or body leasing. Therefore, there are more and more outsourcing companies that deal with this form of mediation in hiring and selection of employees.

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You hire programmers only for the duration of the project. You do not need to be tied to an employee with a permanent employment contract.

You pay only for the actual working time of specialists and do not bear the costs of employees' vacations, sick leave, random events, non-wage benefits, costs of creating and maintaining a workstation (computer, test equipment, licenses, etc.).

You don't have to go through the time-consuming and expensive process of recruiting employees.

We guarantee the experience, high qualifications and communication skills of our personnel involved in the project.

The requirements and priorities that change during the project can be immediately put into practice without additional quotations and unnecessary formalities. The time & material model is the most effective way of running agile projects.

Our specialists become part of your project team and report directly to your project manager. You have daily direct contact with the specialists as if they were employed by your company.

If a specialist is absent or leaves for an extended period of time, we provide a new person to take his/her place. Are you not satisfied with the work of our specialist? You can ask for a change.

Constant, direct contact with programmers combined with detailed reporting of tasks and specialists' work time builds an atmosphere of mutual trust and promotes efficient use of resources.

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