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We deliver fast and modern mobile applications based on the analysis of expectations of our business partners and requirements of a given industry and digital market, focusing on their high functionality. Based on this analysis and our experience and knowledge, we deliver a product that brings the expected and strictly planned benefits. We build them from the very beginning or develop a ready product used by the company. In our work we focus mainly on realization of assumed business goals within the budget which has been established together. Mobile application is first of all a huge advantage over the competition. It is a handy and extremely fast technology and at the same time more and more popular. Their main advantage is both speed - it does not need any additional software on the mobile device, as it only needs to be downloaded to work. Moreover, these apps can also work offline. They are strongly focused on user interaction as opposed to "traditional" informational websites. This is why we pay so much attention to creating user-friendly applications, so that moving around the application meets the user's expectations and makes him or her eager to use it, and thus will be associated with a given brand for a long time. All our applications for the phone are adapted to the dynamic changes occurring on the market of modern technology. We have implemented projects of applications which optimize processes in companies or serve the broadly understood entertainment.

Mobile applications are no longer a fashion or a trend, but an everyday reality. There are already five times more mobile devices in the world than desktops, and ¼ of web users "wake up and go to sleep" only with mobile devices. So we already know where we are heading. It doesn't matter to us whether we design for iOS or Android platform. We get to know your idea, and then we design, test, consult and deliver a project perfectly tailored to your needs. We show you the possibilities of mobile devices.

Mobile solutions for businesses are the most complex. They consist not only of a mobile application, but also a database and a web application. We like such challenges very much, especially because the creation of mobile applications is based on the cooperation with the client. It is also thanks to our clients that we develop, and thanks to the cooperation with InterSynergy the client gains an exemplary flow of information in the company and an increase in the effectiveness of business processes. Efficiency, reliability and speed of implementation go hand in hand with functionality and usability of a mobile application.

It is estimated that nowadays more than 70% of users' online activities take place from mobile devices. Today's consumer is spoiled by mobile applications that provide him with information, entertainment, or access to favorite services in a very convenient form. We achieve the same quality in business by creating dedicated mobile applications giving an interface to current or new systems used in the company.


iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple.


Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software.

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