Body leasing

Body leasing works well whenever a company does not have its own team of experienced and qualified IT professionals or needs to support it with additional employees for a short period of time. So, it makes use of hiring employees on an hourly basis, delegating to them the scope of work specified in the contract.



A system that efficiently executes all purchasing processes is a major factor in e-commerce success.


Mobile app

We implement mobile applications with different purposes and functionalities that work on both platforms: iOS and Android. We carry out orders comprehensively: from preparing the concept, operation schemes and prototypes to the implementation of the finished product. At each stage we support our clients and propose solutions best suited to the systems for mobile devices.


Project Analysis

This is a very important stage in the entire process of project preparation and implementation, so we approach it with full professionalism.


System Integrations

What is Information Systems Integration? You are creating a new online store and you want the store to display current inventory made available by an external system or you want the inquiries from the website to go directly to the salespeople in the CRM system, these are the simplest examples that require integration. Integration of IT systems software house.

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