Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to attract more customers and improve communication with them. Nowadays, every company has website, social media accounts and is actively building relationships with online consumers. However, most small and medium-sized enterprises still do not take advantage of the benefits of mobile application. Why are mobile application so important for business then?

Consumers use the internet on their phones rather than using a traditional computer. Currently, over 90% of Internet users have a telephone enabling the use of mobile applications. Also time, number of shares and expenses made by users inside mobile applications are much higher compared to desktop applications. Companies must adapt to the requirements of the digital world, which is developing at a rapid pace.

The scale of the possibilities of using mobile applications for business is very wide. In smartphones, we use price comparison websites, navigation and maps, advertising or auction services, and loyalty programs. Below are some arguments that will convince you of the mobile application for your company.

1. Increase company visibility

Having a mobile application is an easy way to always be visible to the consumer. Users see application icons several times a day and regardless of how regularly they launch individual applications, they subconsciously record every image and text on the screen. Also, people are more likely to use the application instead of the website because of their convenience. They install the application only once, and it stays in the menu until it is removed. This is a much simpler and shorter way than typing the page address in the search engine.

2. Increase sales

This is a new channel through which you can increase your company’s profits. It can be quite a significant increase depending on how large the audience is. Thanks to notifications about promotions, discounts, and bonuses, you can motivate customers to buy. You can directly contact all users who have installed your application. The company can send a special offer to customers who are in close proximity to their store or office using offline geolocation technologies. Another advantage of the application is the ability to make mobile payments, whose popularity is growing rapidly. People no longer want to spend time shopping because the same things can be bought using a smartphone while drinking coffee at home.

3. User involvement and relationship creation

Mobile applications are an additional way to communicate with customers before and after purchase. They also allow users to create communities within the application, which also increases their interest in the brand. Increasing user interaction with materials published by the company or creating your own builds trust and lasting relationships with customers.

4. Save time and money

The strength of good applications is their simplicity and transparency. If finding product information, locating the nearest store, or placing an order is a matter of a few clicks – customers will be happy to use this tool instead of traditional customer service channels such as telephones or e-mails. And this will allow you to maintain a high standard of service without generating high costs.

5. Collect analytical data

The use of the mobile application is useful not only for customers but also for companies. Businesses can get more information about their potential customers and their online behavior. By analyzing user interactions with the application, companies obtain important information on how to improve their product and what content their customers prefer. Analytical data also allows you to discover new business opportunities and expand your impact on new markets.

6. Marketing and communication channels

Mobile applications can be successfully used to attract attention to the brand through various marketing campaigns. In this way, you can expand your potential customer audience and establish relationships based on trust. For example, you can post news about relevant products or send press releases.

7. Increase customer loyalty

Mobile applications are also great tools to increase consumer loyalty to the brand. Integrate loyalty programs with the mobile application and provide customers with useful promotions, discounts, or bonuses. You can make the most of your personalization tools by sending notifications about new promotions and discounts. You can offer users who have installed the application access to exclusive offers and special bonuses. If people want to get additional information about your company or products and services you offer, they can always do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the mobile application. Constant interaction increases loyalty, and good loyalty in turn stimulates sales.

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