• Requirements - Gathering requirements is first step in development process. This shapes your application and creates initial view. Many questions are asked and with our experience we know good ones.
  • Analysis - There is no development without proper analysis. A lot of unknowns are analysed and explained. Our people help you to get unknowns you never thought about. With our experience we're able to give you valuable suggestions how to make your product the best.
  • Proof of Concept - This is first view at your application, you can see how "core" part of the application will work. At this stage we agree on details and further work. We can define tough parts of our application and we know what to focus on.
  • Development - During 2 weeks sprints you have full control of the development process. Every sprint you can see new deliveries and share your feedback. We do align further work based on your thoughts. Full visibility is what we base on.
  • Delivery - Ready product is only a part of development process, there is delivery part which makes it ready to use. We work with your services but we also have all required tools, experience and hardware to deploy application anywhere you want, making it available from all places in the world.
  • Support - When application runs, you want to be sure everything is working correctly. We do not leave you after delivery, we're with you all the time to look and work on your application anytime you need.

About Us

Black Core has established itself as a leading name in providing exceptional technology solutions and services that always adhere to globally recognized standards and latest technology trends. Through our offerings, we help organizations attain their business objectives thus driving them to success. Highly optimized solutions and services across wide range of industry domains. Some of our key services include application development, mobile application development, business intelligence and analytics, business process management, cloud infrastructure implementation, front-end design. Main project is to supply high quality tech competences for core banking application.